Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this the final year?

Mud Volleyball is an amazing event which has had many faithful volunteers that have been helping make this event possible for years. As we gathered together for planning for our 30th annual tournament, the Mud team all had oneness that this year should be the final year. We have seen in our culture a movement away from summer events, and in our own youth ministry at Gentle Shepherd we have seen a huge increase in the success of camp ministry. The Mud Team agreed that we did not want to compete with what God is doing through camp and retreat ministry, but rather be a part of it. So our youth ministry outreach team is now praying for God to reveal what is next for us, and we are excited for what’s in store!

With Mud Volleyball’s time coming to a close, we wanted to celebrate all the years of God’s faithfulness over this event. And what better time than our 30th tournament as Mud Alumni young and old gather together for one last volley.


Who is invited?

With this being our 30th and final year, we wanted an opportunity for Mud Volleyball alumni to relive their nostalgia. This year we have 4 tournaments:

  • Jr High (Grade 6-8)
  • Sr High (Grade 9-12)
  • Young Adults (18-30)
  • 30 and up (30 +)

As always spectators and family are welcome.


What is the Friday Night Kickoff?

For our final year we wanted to have a time to celebrate together this ministry, so we are bringing back the Friday kick off concert. We will be having musical guests (TBA), videos, speaker (TBA), and games as we celebrate God’s faithfulness over the past 30 years.


What if I can’t attend Friday Night and/or camping?

If you are unable to attend the kick off concert or the camping, you are definitely able to attend the Mud Volleyball tournament. Please note there is no price difference if you do not attend Friday Night.


What if the weather is bad for camping?

If there is severe weather we will have indoor camping at our 2 campuses (Eugenia and Flesherton)


Can I attend just the Friday kick off?

Yes you can! Admission by donation.


Our church has a unique situation and the cost may be prohibitive. What can I do?

Please contact the church and we will try our best to make sure you can attend!

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