History of Mud Volleyball

How it all began

Mud Volleyball has been around since 1989.   The event was started by our founding Youth Pastor – Rev. Chris Marchand as a fun and creative outreach event for youth.  For Mud Volleyball to work you need water – not just to make the mud but also to allow for students and leaders to wash off in between games.  Chris found just the right spot – a parcel of land belonging to the Morwood family of Kimberley, Ontario – just down the road from our church. 

This property is in the heart of the Beaver Valley looking up at the majestic, white cliffs of “Old Baldy” and right along the Beaver river.   So kids have a great time playing in the mud and then swimming in the Beaver river to wash off before their next game. 

Over the years, literally thousands of students have participated in this event and it continues to be a summer highlight for many.

In 2018 for our 30th and final tournament we are inviting all alumni from the past 30 years to join us in celebrating this ministry.